The Basilico's Flagpole

50 cal

On March 19, 2020, the first day of the lockdowns, this restaurant ‘Basilico’s Pasta e Vino’ was pledged as a ‘Constitutional Battleground’ in the fight against tyranny - in defense of American Liberty and Freedom. Tony pledged it as a battleground in the fight in honor of our Founding Fathers and our brave military heroes, the men who have risked and sacrificed everything for what the American flag represents.

Basilico’s remained open fully and boldly, and when mask mandates were imposed, in response the restaurant banned masks completely from the property. No entry! When mandates for  proof of vaccine came next, Basilico’s returned fire by requiring ‘Proof of Being Un-Vaccinated’ for entry. And when curfews were ordered demanding businesses close early, Basilico’s extended their hours, staying open later than it ever had in its long history. 

During these battles, Basilico’s was attacked by the city, the county, the state, the feds, hollywood, the media and even so called fellow “Americans” who threatened to burn down the restaurant and kill Tony because of his defiance. The restaurant was fined, had criminal charges filed against it, and licenses threatened with revocation. 

But the restaurant did not just defend its battleground,  in response Tony aggressively and provocatively counter attacked the enemy, going on offense and hitting back harder! Basilico’s invaded enemy territory, mocking, taunting, daring and shaming our Anti-American, woke enemies.

The property landlord who detested what Tony was standing for, also tried attacking by attempting to evict the restaurant over the course of three years because of Tony’s beliefs. He and his team used every angle possible to throw out the restaurant, including teaming up with the city of Huntington Beach. In response, Tony had a giant 18 ft. American flag draped  over the building in front of the restaurant to signal they were again ready for  battle. 

Using lawyers and property managers, the landlord then demanded that the flag be removed from the building, and threatened if it was not voluntarily taken down, they would do it themselves  and charge Basilico’s for the time and effort.

Tony advised the landlord that he would first pretend they did not receive such a threat, insulting the flag and all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to defend it. But since they did receive the threat, he warned the landlord  that if he sent people to tear down the flag in the middle of the night when the restaurant was unattended, the next day he would return and find an American flag so big hanging from the building, that he wouldn’t be able to find the front doors of his units. Tony made the landlord understand that he would get a war he wouldn’t believe!

A few years later the landlord sent his representatives to offer terms for his surrender. The fight had exhausted him and he wanted no more of it. Tony rejected his terms and demanded that because of the disrespect the landlord had shown the American flag and all of those it represented, he would need to be taught a lesson by being forced to implant a 40 ft. flagpole in his property.  This was Tony’s  way of literally sticking it to the enemy, planting the ultimate flag of victory in enemy soil  and a way to fly the flag properly on a flagpole instead of on the side of a building. 

The landlord’s representatives at his direction found Tony’s demand insulting and initially refused. Tony  then cautioned  them that if they did not accept the terms, the war was back on. A few days later, the landlord gave up completely!

In June, 2024 the construction on the spot where the flagpole would be planted began, from breaking ground and inputting  electrical power, to pouring concrete into the foundation and installing up-lights.  In later June, a crane was used to lift and help drive the 40 ft. flagpole into the ground. 

On Independence Day on July 4th, 2024, Basilico’s held its flag raising ceremony with friends, family, supporters, and  honored combat veterans in attendance, ‘The Color Guard’ slowly and properly removed the old faded flag from the building and stored it away after the traditional thirteen folds. They presented the new 10 X 15 ft. American flag to be raised.

Retired U.S. Marine, Major Billy Hall, the last surviving person to enlist before Pearl Harbor was chosen to do the honors of raising the flag for the first time up the new flagpole. Billy enlisted when he was only fifteen years old. He served as a tailgunner in dive bombers during WWII. He then served as in the infantry in the Korean war. He later served again, this time as a helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War.

The flag when raised and  reached the top, caught a perfect breeze coming off the coast, and it has been flying proudly since!

The flagpole  shall now serve as a reminder to all who see it, of the great heroes over the last 248 years  who have risked and sacrificed everything for it. It shall also remind our enemies, that Tony Roman and his ‘Constitutional Battleground’  Basilico’s Pasta e Vino will wage war on anyone who attacks their beliefs, principles, traditional values, our Liberty and Freedom and our cherished American way of life!